New Beginnings

I serve a God of second chances.  No matter how many times us humans screw up our Heavenly Father patiently waits for us to get it right and gives us many more chances than we deserve.  That is the meaning of grace: getting what you don’t deserve.  My relationship with Him has been fraught with detours, delays, and distractions that were of my own making.  Finally, finally I am learning to put God before myself and the blessings are already immeasurable.  Joy… peace… victory… beyond what I have ever experienced in my life previously.  Wanting to be a woman after God’s own heart, and seeking His face in prayer and petition, He has also blessed my husband and me with an accelerated path of learning about His word and His kingdom.

The Holy Spirit has instructed me to start this blog to share the vast amount of information I have been receiving from Him by His word and through other believers who are more knowledgeable in the areas that I have been prayerfully seeking more information; I’ve been praying for truth and wisdom on certain topics and He has been faithfully directing me to more knowledge about them.  Now that I have processed some of this information and we have been applying it to our daily walk with Jesus I need to be faithful to share it.  Sadly this is stuff that’s not being preached about or taught in many churches and I am hoping to help others fill in the gaps that are missing from their spiritual lives.  God (YHWH is His true name) is faithfully drawing us out of a Christian religion pockmarked with the traditions of men and instead we are learning biblically how to love and worship and spend time with Him, and He is faithfully teaching us about His kingdom.  Hopefully you will read these posts with an open heart and mind toward the Holy Spirit and prayerfully consider the contents.  Some of the topics may be about things you already know about, but perhaps the Holy Spirit will deepen your understanding on the subject.  Or maybe these will be new concepts for you to prayerfully consider.  However, if something seems a little too radical or far-fetched for you to believe at first please do not brush it off and stop reading; ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth about the topic and study what God’s word says about it.  That being said, do not take anything written here at face value and instead test it as scripture directs us to, and hold on to that which is good (1Thess. 5:21).  While I have fully submitted myself to YHWH and am committed to His truth, I am human and am bound to make mistakes especially since I am still learning.  If you have a different opinion or perspective or can further add to any topic feel free to leave a comment and we can all RESPECTFULLY dialogue about it.  Above all, this blog is an act of worship and it is meant to glorify Jesus.

Further to YHWH calling His people out of traditions of men, have you noticed throughout His word that since the fall of man He is has been constantly calling His people back to Himself and His ways?  He wants us separate from the world, to be set apart and dedicated to Him, as He is dedicated to us.  He called his people out of Egypt, Babylon, Sodom & Gomorrah, Roman influence, pagan traditions, worship of false gods, lusts of the flesh, and out of the ways of the world; literally and metaphorically He is continuing to call us all out of these things today still.


Also on this blog you may encounter the Socratic teaching method from time to time, which is a form of instruction by asking questions.  I love learning things this way because it forces me to think about things without blindly memorizing facts.  During His ministry on earth Jesus taught by asking questions, I think because He wanted to shape the way His disciples thought so that they were ready to receive and understand the answer.  I hope this method is profitable for you.  In the past I have been enrolled in secondary and post secondary schools where they tell you what and how to think, which definitely isn’t practical instruction for critical thinking of any kind!  Conversely, the Holy Spirit is reshaping my worldview quite a bit and constantly expanding my knowledge.  As I learn and grow I aim to share it with others and I pray it will expand the Kingdom of God.

In the meantime, may you grow in the Word of God and the witness of the Holy Spirit.




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